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What is a Parish Nurse?

              What is a Parish Nurse?

ü      A licensed professional nurse who practices with in the guidelines established by the State Board of Nursing,

ü A Parish Nurse functions within a church, in collaboration with the pastoral staff and congregation.  When a Health Ministries Team has been established, the Parish Nurse is a part of that team.

ü The practice of nursing promotes wellness, and recognizes that a person's health is dependent upon the integration of body, mind and spirit.

ü      The primary focus of Parish Nursing is the recognition of the importance that the spiritual has in promoting health, wholeness and wellbeing of the individual.

           What a Parish Nurse cannot do:

ü     Diagnose or treat medical conditions, prescribe medications, or act as a mental health counselor.

ü      Provide invasive nursing procedures or perform "hands on"  treatments.

What a Parish Nurse can do:

ü      Provide spiritual encouragement focusing on the promotion of health and wellness.

ü      Collaborate with the ministry staff in developing health focused programs for groups within the congregation or individual members.

ü      Provide health education on an individual or group basis.

ü      Act as a resource for finding assistance within the community.

ü     Act as a mentor/interpreter of medical information.

ü     Provide non-invasive, limited health screenings, such as taking blood pressures.

            What to Look for:

ü      Monthly written "To Your Health" notes - at the Adult Ministries Table

ü     Monthly Blood Pressure Checks - March 9th  between and after services

ü      Individual consultation on request

To contact Pat, please call 913.685.3546 or leave a message at the church.


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